A Café And The Perfect Round Coffee Table In Singapore

My wife and I had this idea to open a café of our own. Since she was good with drinks and I knew my way around an oven, it was almost as though we were destined to make it into this business. When I proposed the concept to my wife, she was instantly on board. She pulled out a notepad and started writing down everything we needed to make it work. Watching the fire light up in her eyes made me laugh. Seeing how enthusiastic she was about my silly little idea was amusing. Although I was the one who came up with it in the first place, she made it look like it was hers, to begin with. I leaned over to look at everything she’s written so far and proceeded to tell her that I wasn’t really serious about making the dream a reality. In response, she simply gave me a deadpanned look and said we would need a round coffee table from Singapore.

The random mention of furniture had me baffled, but it eventually made sense once she explained her plans to me. She wanted the café to be a place of comfort where stressed students and employees could unwind and relax. Instead of only having tables and chairs, she thought it would be nice to provide a small area for a couch with a glass coffee table from Singapore in front of it. She added that it could be similar to the one they have in Central Perk from the sitcom Friends. I liked the thought of having a setup like that, so I searched online for some good tables and other pieces of furniture we required. My wife left the living room to busy herself with other arrangements she needed to make for this business of ours to work out. 

Furnishing The Property

It took us roughly three months to finally get a lease on a commercial property and buy the necessary furniture. Furnishing the space took a bit of time, but the final look had both of us turning teary-eyed once it was done. When I was looking for furniture months ago, I found this gorgeous console table from Singapore that could hold a vase and maybe a few pictures of our family and us. After all, we wanted to give this café a homely vibe, and it somehow worked in our favour in the end. The coffee table and couch combination that my wife wanted were also there. She was so enthusiastic about it that she took too many pictures of the table alone.

Soft Launch

We were scared of how this café would fare once it opened to the public eye. It was our first time opening a business of our own, so we weren’t sure how things would go in the future. Luckily, we had friends with experience, and they reassured us that everything would go smoothly as long as we pushed our doubts aside and believed in our potential. Customers came to our soft opening, and even if it wasn’t as much as we would like, seeing people enjoy my baked goods, and my wife’s coffee made it all worthwhile. By the time the day was about to end, someone had noticed the bedside table from Singapore that we added and told us that they liked how it made them feel at home. 

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