Bid Goodbye to Ants Now!

Perhaps ants are the most common type of pests, and at least once in your life, you have had a battle with them. Two kinds of ants are mostly seen by the homeowner: the carpenter ants and the home ants. Both of the variants are equally disgusting. The most common places for ants in your homes are damp, wet places like basements, cellars, kitchens, and bathrooms. If you are fighting a severe ant infestation, you can contact professional pest control service providers like pest control in San Antonio.

However, have a look at the different ways to bid goodbyes to the nasty ants:

Identify the Hotspots

With the kitchen being their favorite spot in the entire house, you can also find them in places around the air conditioning and heaters. They also build shelters within the walls, enclosed places, cellars, and basements. 

Do Not Keep Food Uncovered

A neat and clean kitchen is not a favorite place for the ants. Keep the kitchen clean by wiping the counters and cleaning the kitchen floor regularly; this will ensure that there is no food residue left to attract them. Use air-tight containers to keep your food, or they will gather around the uncovered food. Keep the ripe fruits in the fridge. Also, any containers of sticky substances, like soda, fruit juice, syrups, etc., should be kept clean.

Take care of your pets

If you have pets like dogs, cats, or rabbits, they unintentionally bring in pests. The ants are attracted by the smell of the pet food, so keep their dishes clean and wipe the area after your pets are done eating. Do not keep the pet food package open, instead keep them in air-tight containers.

Block the Entrance

There must be an entryway for the ants, which is mostly any leak or cracks in the kitchen, bathroom, or other places of your house. Identify those places and seal them. This will bar their entrance. Use cement, silicone caulk, POP, etc., to block the cracks and openings.


The ants move with colonies, so it is likely if your house is getting infested by them, there are thousands of them on your premises. There are hardly any DIYs for killing the ants. Even you will get less or no repellent for ants. The best way to fight the infestation is to contact a professional pest control service provider. They will destroy the ants’ houses, eggs, and the ants. 

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