Child Safety For An Aluminium Door, Window, And Other Glass Items
Almost every contemporary house today has an aluminium door and window in Singapore, not just for aesthetics but also to create a modern vibe. The only problem, however, is that glass causes cuts. If the place you rented or purchased has glasses as part of its interior design and you have kids, you should child-proof your home. Like how you keep your children safe from a curved shower screen in Singapore by adding a slip-proof mat, there are things you should do for doors and windows made out of glass.

1. Place Playmats In The Middle Of The Room

The centre of the room will keep your children away from the aluminium door and window, and they will not get cut by glass even if they accidentally trip themselves on loose playmats.

2. Keep Glassed Areas Well Lit

Since most glass materials are transparent, your children are less likely to notice there is something in front of them. Keeping the glassed areas well-lighted will draw attention to and emphasise the presence of any aluminium door and window.

3. Add Decorative Glass Markers

Another way to increase the existence of glass surfaces is to add decorative glass markers. It will create a contrast on some parts that notify anyone, not just your children, that there is a glass in front or beside them.

4. Use Plants Or Furniture To Screen Low-Level Glass Areas

Children love to play, so it will be hard to stop them from running around the house and bumping into the aluminium window in Singapore. The only way to prevent that kind of incident is to add a barrier. Plants or furniture can serve as one as they protect the low-level glass areas.

5. Replace Right Away When There Is A Crack

Even though tempered glass is less likely to break, that does not mean it will not happen. There is still a possibility, so when you see there is a crack in your aluminium door or window, you should get a new replacement to avoid further damage and accidents.

6. Train Pets

Pets that have been properly trained are less likely to harm your house. They will stay away from glass windows and doors if you train them not to approach these. Contact Eatons Interior at +65 6747 2588/+65 6747 7544 or leave a message on their website if you need to get a replacement for your sliding window in Singapore. Check out their website to see what other glass products they offer that can help improve the interior design of your home or office.

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