Get to Know Beta-alanine Uses and Risks!

Beta-alanine is an amino acid that is naturally produced by your body. Though amino acids build protein blocks, beta-alanine does not. Instead, it makes carnosine and stores it in your skeletal muscles. It’s an essential addition to all athletes and workout enthusiasts as it has many uses.

Here are the uses of beta-alanine

  1. To enhance athletic performance 

One of the primary use of beta-alanine is to improve performance. Beta-alanine supplements aid in increasing your carnosine levels. The carnosine assists in reducing acidic levels in your muscles during workouts. As a result, you experience lower fatigue levels when exercising.

The increase in resistance towards muscle fatigue is essential to an athlete. You’ll have more time to exhaustion, resulting in better performance. 

  1. To reduce muscle fatigue

Reducing muscle fatigue is another important use for beta-alanine. It helps reduces the production of hydrogen ions which lowers your PH levels. You’ll have higher physiological adaptations, such as low muscle fatigue.

You’ll have more energy during your exercise. Also, you can use beta-alanine to enhance lean body mass. 

  1. To improve muscle endurance 

As discussed above, beta-alanine help in delaying muscle fatigue. It increases carnosine levels in your muscles, increasing your energy and power. You’ll be able to work out for a more extended period without feeling exhausted. 

  1. To increase carnosine levels 

The main result of using beta-alanine is an increase in carnosine levels. The carnosine is the content your muscles need to be more resilient and sustain your intense exercise. It delays your fatigue, resulting in higher workout volume and better performance.

  1. To enhance workout volume 

Workout volume is the whole exercise you’ll complete in a specific period. Increasing it benefits athletes as it leads to better performance in the field. You can use beta-alanine to increase your workout volume for strength and body composition.

  1. To reduce mental fatigue and increase mental focus

Perfect mental focus is vital for everyone, not just the athletes. Taking beta-alanine to improve your mental functioning and clarity. As a result, your cognitive development is effective, and you’ll have less mental fatigue.

  1. To increase strength 

Beta-alanine delays fatigue allowing you to build up more power. The increase in time will enable you to work out for more hours. More hours equate to more muscle mass and strength. You’ll have more peak power for a more extended period.

Risks of beta-alanine 

Beta-alanine is naturally safe for you. However, you might experience a tingling feeling after taking it. The tingling is harmless and temporary but can be annoying and uncomfortable. It usually results from overdosing as it increases as the amount of beta-alanine intake increases. 

You can avoid the feeling of taking lower or splitting your beta-alanine dose. You can spread your dosage to ensure you take a smaller amount at a time. Alternatively, you can take sustained-release beta-alanine products rather than regular supplementation. The products slowly release beta-alanine into your body from single or multiple doses, avoiding high spikes. If you start feeling the side effect, you should consult your doctor for a practical and safe prescription.

Final thoughts

The goals of many people are similar when it comes to workout performance. We want to push past our limits, achieve new records, and maintain our body physique. Your efforts alone can be insufficient, and you’ll need to use beta-alanine supplements. And as discussed above, you can use beta-alanine to achieve all the workout goals.  


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