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How to choose the best mobile POS system for your restaurant

Mobile restaurant POS software has led to a drastic change in the functioning of restaurant operations worldwide. The system offers the amazing feature of accessing your billing, sales, inventory and other critical reports from anywhere, anytime. As per the report by Marketprimes, the mobile POS systems market shares is set to rise at 17.4% CAGR through 2025. 

5 factors to consider while buying a mobile POS system

In a market flooded with restaurant POS software, let’s check the important factors to consider while buying a mobile POS system.

Ease of navigation – 

Make sure that the POS system is simple to use. The digital, cloud based restaurant management system like inresto POS helps you pull a wide range of reports in absolutely no time. The easy to navigate interface saves you the time of training the employees on the platform.

Speed and reliability – 

In these times of Covid-19, no restaurant customer wants to stand in long queues. Moreover, unresponsive and slow POS systems can lead to customer dissatisfaction and affect your revenues badly. Hence choose a reliable and fast POS system that supports your fast-paced operations. In case of power or internet outage, there should be the option to work offline. 

Cost involved – 

Check the actual upfront cost of buying and deploying a POS system. If you are looking for a software that fits your pocket, then a mobile Android POS system would be the right choice. 

Security aspects – 

Since most of the platforms accepts digital payments, make sure that the system is fully secure. Look for features such as EMV technology, encryption and tokenization and anti-fraud services.

Customer support – 

In case of any technical glitches, you need to contact the vendor for fixing the issue. Hence choose a software vendor that provides excellent after-sales service.   

Parting Words

A robust mobile restaurant POS software helps you gain an edge over your competitors.. The above factors will serve as a guide in picking the right platforms. 




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