How to Convert HEVC and HEIC Files on Windows 10

HEIC photos and HEVC videos are becoming more and more popular, to the point of being the basic format of the iPhone. Though, not every armed force is support, here is how to convert these photos to PNG, JPG and videos to H.264 on Windows 10 system.

In the world of photography and videography, two file formats have completed a name for themselves in current years: HEVC (or H.265) and HEIC or HEIF.

With the advantage of being much lighter than their more popular counterparts such as JPG or PNG for images and H.264 for videos, they are becoming so popular that they are the essential format for photos and videos on the iPhone and Macos.

unluckily not all devices are as admirable as Apple products in conditions of compatibility. Windows still struggles to be 100% compatible – while MacOS has been supported since late 2017 – and Android only natively supports these formats since version 9.0 Pie. Besides that, some services just can’t open these files like Twitter.

Therefore, it is interesting to be able to convert these types of files; there are more than a some tools available on Microsoft Windows 10 for do.

If you don’t would like to difficulty install software, it is possible to convert HEIC images from different web converters. An effortless Google search permitted us to find the Heic to JPG converter that works very nicely.

The HEIC and HEVC are without difficulty convertible. Little by little, the services will adapt and make compatible with these new formats that are destined to one day become the standard in the field of photo and video.

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