Pros and Cons of Custom Made Rugs

Today the rugs have become the popular floor covering option. Many people prefer rugs on carpets because they think that they are the new form of carpets. Whether your home decor is traditional, contemporary or modern, rugs can be placed in any kind of decor. Their authentic styles allow homeowners to adjust them in any kind of decor. If you do not find rug according to your requirement then still you may find a rug that will be kept in the home and it will look good. The reason is that rugs are available in numerous styles, sizes, shades, colors, designs and patterns. But if you are not satisfied and only want to purchase the rug according to your desires then in such a case, you can go with a custom made rug. In customization, you will have full control over the rug. You can have rugs made by the best artisans in your area. If you need exactly what you want, you should consider custom made rugs instead of ready-made rugs. As you know that nothing in this world is 100% beneficial. There are many pros and some cons of custom made rugs which are as follows.


  • Best Fabric

Do you know the life of the rugs depends on what? It depends on the fabric of the rug. Once you have succeeded in choosing the right fabric, you will succeed in buying the right rug for the home. Always buy the rugs according to the areas of the home. In customization, you can get the rug from any fabric which you want. For example, you may go with sisal rugs or wool rugs for the living room or bedroom. Jute rugs are considered best for the hallway. The main benefit of customization will be that there will be a surety that the rugs are made up of original fabric that you have provided.

  • Perfect Rugs

Custom made rugs can be proved as the perfect rugs in the home. Although, the ready-made rugs are enriched with different sizes and shapes. But still, it is possible that the rug may not fit in the space. Maybe you have an extra small space or maybe one looking for a large rug in the style which is only available in a small size. So, there is a need for custom made rugs. In customization, the size is given to the manufacturers then they start working on the rug. Customization is the best way to get the required size rug. If the rug will fit well in the space then it will look beautiful. Otherwise, the rug opposite to the size of the space, will be unable to add beauty in the room.

  • Durability

The durability of the rugs depends on the fabrics. As in the customization, one chooses the fabric according to his desires, he should choose the strong fabric. The strong fabric rug is long-lasting and provides money’s worth. There are many rugs in the markets that do not run for a long time. The reason is that some suppliers do not use the right material. Either you beware from such suppliers or either you go with the custom made rug, for the assurance of durability. The choice is yours but the customization will provide peace of mind.

  • Custom Logos and Designs

Although carpets come with a lot of logos and designs, the carpet you are going to buy maybe in someone’s home. If you want unique and different carpet then the ready-made rug is not an ideal option. With customization, you can print your own unique logo and design on the rugs. You can go with cartoon logos for the kids’ room. For the office, you can consider the brand’s name.


  • Expensive

Going with custom made carpets can be an expensive approach for some people. In markets there is competition and every brand tries to sell the products at affordable prices. If you go with custom made rugs, you can face difficulties. Most people do not know about the prices of material. The suppliers can provide materials at high prices. The manufacturers can charge more.

  • Time-Consuming

In case of purchasing a ready-made rug, you just have to go to the market and purchase the rug. On the other hand, you will have to wait for several weeks for a custom made rug.

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