The Types of Backsplash Tiles Available

When you see the words “ceramic tile,” you might think that it only suggests ceramic or porcelain tile; however, with backsplashes, there are way more alternatives than that. You have plenty of materials to pick from that can influence the look and feel of your area. Some are more classic as well as practical, while others are modern as well as trendy.

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Discover which kind of tile is best for you

  • Ceramic as well as Porcelain

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are pretty comparable, the main distinction being that porcelain is a special kind of ceramic. Both options are made from a bulk mineral, clay, and water solution that is compressed into a ceramic tile form and burned in a kiln at a high temperature.

The distinction is that porcelain will be made from a denser sort of clay, which makes it less permeable as well as more sturdy. The tiles are then glazed as well as burnt again to remove any dampness. This procedure makes the ceramic tiles extremely scratch-resistant, resilient, as well as water-proof.

  • Stone

Natural stone is in demand for its gorgeous natural patterns. With a massive range of colors as well as structures to choose from, there is particular to be a real stone backsplash for your high-end interior design requirements.

Several of the popular stone ceramic tile alternatives today include sedimentary stone, travertine, as well as marble. They come at a greater price-point than stone-look ceramic tiles that only replicate the real point; however, it can be worth it to have the genuine product.

  • Glass

A popular choice for backsplashes and mosaics, glass tiles are exceptionally functional as well as waterproof. The slices of glass are usually repaired to mesh support sheets to produce patterned mosaics.

Glass tiles feature plenty of design options in regards to shade, appearance, surface, as well as openness. Whether you want something opaque or translucent, frosted or glossy, distinctive or smooth, there’s a choice for you.

  • Metal

Metal tiles aren’t typically made of strong steel, yet rather include a resin core with a genuine steel surface. This makes the backsplash tile lighter as well as less expensive, so it’s a win-win! That metal covering can be made from copper, lightweight aluminum, tin, as well as stainless-steel.

A steel backsplash is a captivating enhancement to your room, offering an elegant as well as nearly futuristic look. Metallic tile pairs perfectly with geometric patterns, industrial as well as warehouse styles, as well as even flashier, glamorous looks.If you’d like to view more interior design ideas, check out AC Vision at There you can view many kitchen designs and perhaps use one or two ideas for your own home today!

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