Why static guarding can help improve your company’s safety and reputation

When it comes to protecting your company, the question isn’t whether you should take measures, but what measures should you take?

This is a question that owners of businesses of all shapes and sizes need to answer. Of all the measures on offer, one that is often considered is static guarding. This is when you have one or multiple personnel stationed at access points of your company – such as your reception. It’s a service often offered by facilities management companies such as Precision FM.

They can perform a number of duties and offer several important benefits to you, your staff, and anyone who may visit the grounds of your company.

Stops unauthorised entry

Unauthorised entry is more common than you’d think. Whether it’s criminals, persistent salespeople, or disgruntled ex-employees, there are plenty of people who will want to enter your building regardless of whether you’ve invited them in or not. Having a static guard will act as a barrier to entry, allowing your staff to come and go safely without the concern of being bothered by strangers or criminals.

This service can be helpful on all occasions, including events or holiday periods when your offices are empty.

Improve customer service

Static guards can help to offer good service to your customers and clients. For example, they can check in visitors, and provide directions and other important information people may need. This improves the perception of your business and may impress your next big potential client!

Fast response in an emergency

Try as we might, we can’t prevent all emergency situations from occurring. So, should the worst happen, it’s invaluable to have someone on hand with training to help. Static guards can help in a number of situations, including evacuations or medical emergencies. Even one person with the right training can make a huge difference in a time of crisis.

Looks good to the outside world

Take a moment to think about what businesses have security. The finest restaurants, brand-name stores, exclusive venues, high-end businesses, and more all have staff at the door looking out for the people and assets inside. Having a static guard creates the perception that your business is of the same calibre as others that have the same security presence.

Deters crime

Simply seeing a static guard deters criminals and makes your company a less attractive target for thieves, vandals, arsonists, and others will ill intentions.


Static guards are so much more than just an expense. They are a proven and effective layer of protection for you, your staff, and the company that is so important to you.

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