How much does surrogacy cost?

Surrogacy is the process of carrying an embryo by a woman resulting from the fusion of another woman’s egg and her partner’s sperm. Thus, a surrogate mother carries a genetically unrelated child, acting as a gestational courier.

Let’s take a closer look at the surrogacy price in Ukraine and Kiev.

To answer this question, one should take into consideration a number of factors, including a detailed consideration of the whole procedure and each of its stages related to finances.

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What does surrogacy consist of?

  • Complete examination of the potential surrogate (this is entirely on the shoulders of the biological parents).
  • Cost of IVF drugs to be taken by both women (biomother for egg retrieval, surrogate for body preparation for pregnancy and synchronization of menstrual cycles).
  • Price of the IVF protocol itself and other procedures (egg retrieval, combining it with a sperm cell, sperm testing, etc.).
  • Surrogate’s travel to the IVF center and her accommodation in the city at this stage. Afterwards, everything depends on the biological parents’ wish – the surrogate may stay under their supervision next to them or return home.
  • Contractual financial compensation to the surmother if the pregnancy is terminated, or the protocol fails.
  • Monthly payments to the gestational courier to ensure a normal standard of living.
  • Pregnancy counseling, medications during pregnancy, and preservation payments in case the woman’s or baby’s health is threatened.
  • Delivery (possibly in the maternity hospital in the surrogate’s place of residence or in a private clinic, at the parents’ request).
  • Payment for the work of the lawyers who support the program.
  • Material compensation for the gestational courier, as specified in the contract.
  • Additional payments to the surrogate mother in case of multiple pregnancies, as well as in connection with a difficult delivery or the need for a caesarean section.

This is almost a complete list of costs that surrogacy entails, particularly in Ukraine. These items and their costs may vary from case to case and depend on many factors. But overall, this list allows you to avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant surprises under different circumstances and, as practice shows, is quite complete.

Since 2012 Ukraine has had a law restricting the use of surrogate mothers’ services. Among other things, restrictions have been imposed on women who wish to become surrogates.

According to the law, single women and people living in common-law marriage can now take advantage of this method of infertility treatment, although previously only married couples had such an opportunity.

According to the law, a woman aged 20 to 55, mentally and physically healthy, who has at least one born and healthy child, may become a surmother. She is obliged to give the child born to her biological parents, and has no right to claim parental rights, as she is not the child’s mother.

Surrogacy centers impose more rigid limits – a woman may be a surrogate from the age of 20 to 35; other conditions remain the same. Also, within the IVF protocol, if the biological mother of the child cannot give her own eggs or they are of insufficient quality for conception, the reproductive health centers use the egg of the donor, but never the surrogate mother, since this greatly complicates the ethical side of the issue, and gives the gestational surrogate the right to claim the parental rights.

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